CD in jewel case with lyrics/liner notes insert.

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Battletapes with engineer Jeremy Ferguson and producer Tim Kerr, Youth Detention captures the band in raw form. A double LP spanning 17 songs, the songs are deeply rooted in Bains’s experience of his hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. Youth Detention depicts a Southern city in the decades surrounding the turn-of-the-millennium: in the throes of white flight, urban disinvestment, racial tension, class struggle, gentrification, gender policing, homophobia, xenophobia, religious fervor, deindustrialization, and economic upheaval.

1. Breaking It Down!
2. Sweet Disorder!
3. Good Old Boy
4. Black & White Boys
5. Whitewash
6. Underneath the Sheets of White Noise
7. I Heard God!
8. Crooked Letters
9. I Can Change!
10. The City Walls
11. Had to Laugh
12. Nail My Feet Down to the Southside of Town
13. Tongues of Flame!
14. Trying to Ride
15. The Picture of a Man
16. Commencement Address for the Deindustrialized Dispersion
17. Save My Life!

Recorded by Jeremy Ferguson at Battletapes
Produced by Tim Kerr
Mixed by Lynn Bridges
Artwork by Lonnie Holley
Layout by Lauren Denitzio